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The House Spiritualist

Haunted Soirée (formerly House of Spirits)

In 2023, I joined the cast of the Haunted Soirée (formerly known as House of Spirits) for its third chapter in New York City:  The Legend of Vaughan Hall.  

Hired for my abilities as a true professional spiritualist, I provided real readings to guests in character, transporting them to County Wexford in dialect, and weaving the house's haunted storyline into each exclusive tarot experience.  

Meeting at the intersection of my loves for both immersion theatre and divination, this job was the niche fit of my dreams!

For more information on my divination expertise, you can check out @diviningdarling on Instagram and TikTok or click here to book directly!

Dying for a Living

The Murder Mystery Company

For eight years, I've worked with a troupe of actors specializing in bringing murder to you right in your own home!  (Or the local Italian restaurant.)

With settings spanning from the 1920s to the 2020s, and characters hailing from Siberia to Silicone Valley, this branch of American Immersion Theater boasts a wide (and whacky) repertoire.


For example:  I've seduced crowds as the sequined speakeasy songbird, Amanda Lay.  I've taught impromptu choreography to guests and rocked out our performance as Pat Minotaur and the Adorabulls.  I've appeared in drag to embody the  fabulously wealthy film aficionado, Sir Warren Peace.  And, last but not least:  I've perfected my "murder mystery gasp"!

God Save the Queen!

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival

For three seasons, I passed the merry month of May working The Tennessee Renaissance Festival as one of the New Castle Players.


It was my charge to provide interactive atmospheric entertainment for patrons, as well perform in a number of stage shows including The Royal Improv Show, The Covington Glen Variety Show, and The Human Chess Match.  Rehearsing and performing entirely outdoors, this creative process taught me how to safely wield a sword, how incredible it feels to take off a corset, and a whole lot of sea shanties.

Having played a peasant, I was known to purposely faceplant right into the gravel paths of the festival, just to bow down to Her Majesty most dedicatedly.  

Standardized Patient

NYU & NYIT & SP-Ed &

Northwell Health &

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Ever wonder how doctors learn bedside manner?  Through the help of Standardized Patients, of course!  

Jk, no one has ever heard of us.  We are basically medical schools' very own troupes of teaching artists trained to portray patients and their symptoms precisely, consistently, and with as much realism as possible!  We aid in the education of medical students of all disciplines by providing them an opportunity to put their skills, from regular rapport to breaking bad news, on their feet before they encounter actual patients with actual conditions..!  

I have portrayed numerous patients, from a terrified 16 year old consulting the OBGYN for the first time to a 40 year old mother of three receiving test results that reveal a potentially fatal diagnosis.